Gluten-free Kale & Spinach Protein Crepes with Tomato, Onion and Coconut Relish

Just getting back to normal routine after being pampered by my mum. Managed to keep my weight loss and I am officially under 70 now πŸ™‚

Sanju (my fiance’) and I have been looking at apartments here and we are glad we found one. He will be moving there soon and I will join him in February after our wedding. The new unit is really cool with a beautiful kitchen πŸ™‚ Can’t wait to start cooking there and the oven is for me and me only-So watch out the space for more baking recipes.

Back to recipe, Kale and Spinach crepes is one of the easiest and yummiest crepes I have made and Sanju who is EXTREMELY fussy about food loved it πŸ™‚ So here you go with the recipe


For the crepes:

You need:

  • Kale and Spinach-1 handful each-blanced in hot water
  • Ginger-a small piece
  • Cumin seeds-a tsp
  • Salt-to taste
  • Buckwheat and Chickpea flour-1/2 cup each
  • Chili powder-a tsp/more to taste


  • Blend blanched Kale and Spinach, ginger and cumin seeds to a fine paste and add them to remaining ingredients, add needed water and make crepes πŸ™‚

For the relish/chutney

You need:

  • Onion-1.5 cubed
  • Tomato-2 cubed
  • Coconut-2 tbsp
  • Mustard seeds-1 tsp
  • Oil-2 tsp
  • Sambar powder-1-2 tsp depending on spice level
  • Salt-to taste


  • In a pan, add 1 tsp oil, onions, let them brown, add tomatoes and let it cool and add coconut and blend them into a very fine paste
  • In the same pan, add oil, mustard seeds, curry leaves (optional), blended paste and sambar powder and add 1/2 cup water, salt and let the paste boil until it reaches relish consistency (Source: My dearest mum)


Peanut yogurt

Hey πŸ™‚Β Am back from India. My parents moved to a new place and I couldn’t get the ISP to set up the connection and wordpress is apparently blocked there 😦 Trip was great. Β Yummy vegan food, loads of recipes including a peanut yogurt my mum made so that I could still have yogurt-based Indian recipes πŸ™‚

You need to soak raw peanuts about 1/2 cup in water for about 8 hours/overnight.

You then need to discard the water and grind them into a VERY VERY smooth paste and add around a litre of water and filter the raw peanut milk to take the residue off (A muslin cloth over the sieve should do). Boil this milk for 30 mins stirring occasionally on a low heat. Let it cool-not cold but warm. Now drop red/reen chilli crowns (around 10-15) and let it stay undisturbed. This is what you get. Taste-it is okay πŸ™‚ With some salt, it tastes AMAZINGGGGG!!!!!! Let me know how it turns out. Β The chili is just for turning milk to yogurt. I swear there is no flavor from it.


P.S: I am getting married to my friend of 9 years πŸ™‚ In February. So going back to India in December to start with wedding prep. I hope wordpress works then.