Vegan Garlic Dahl

Garlic Dahl


  • Yellow mung bean/moong dal-1 cup
  • Shallots-halved-6
  • Tomato-1 chopped fine
  • Garlic-20 pods
  • Green chilli-1
  • Mustard seeds, white urad dal, cumin seeds-1 tsp each
  • Curry leaves-one strand; Coriander leaves-few
  • Rice bran oil-1 tsp
  • Salt- to taste


  • In a pressure cooker, add the yellow mung bean, shallots, tomato, garlic pods, green chilli and 3 cups water. Remember not to add salt to the lentils as that would extend the cooking time. Wait for 3 hisses for the dahl to cook well.
  • Once the pressure is released, open the cooker, add salt and let the contents boil under very low flame.
  • Meanwhile, in a small pan, heat oil (make sure, its smoky hot), add mustard seeds, white urad dal, cumin seeds, curry leaves, add it to the cooker, add 1/2 cup water and let it boil. Add coriander leaves. After 2 mins, take it off heat.
  • Adding lemon juice to the dahl is optional.
  • Excellent with quinoa/brown rice

Serves:2 people 

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